Parish Notes–Week of December 9-16, 2018


This year, Salem in Ballwin UMC’s annual charge conference will be held in conjunction with the Administrative Council’s monthly meeting.

  • The meeting will be held in Duff Hall on Monday, December 3rd
  • The charge conference will start at 6:30 p.m.
  • All members of Salem in Ballwin UMC’s congregation are invited (and welcome) to attend.

Church calendar–December 9, 2018-January 19, 2019

Note:  This calendar only shows “official” church functions.  Other organizations may be using some church facilities.  Check with Linda Curnutte to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Bob Hardcastle’s 2018 Missouri Annual Conference Report

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UPDATE  on King Foods availability (5/29/2018):
We have had some delays that will prevent us from providing a June menu as previously expected, so we are postponing the resumption of services and will aim for August. We understand how vital this ministry is for many folks and appreciate your patience during this time. We have continued praying for your organizations and look forward to being able to meet the needs of your communities soon.

Salem in Ballwin UMC offers traditional Methodist worship and fellowship in a church that is large enough to serve and small enough to care.