CLICK here to download instructions for television (and connected devices) in Duff Hall

WiFi Instructions

  • SalemBallwinUMC-Guest: This is the network almost everyone will use for WiFi connectivity.  Although a password is required, feel free to share that password with anyone who requires WiFi access in Duff Hall.  The password is “SalemBallwinUMC”  (without the quotation marks.  In other words, just remove the dash and the word “Guest”.  Caps are the same as they are in the WiFi name (also known as an SSID).
  • SalemBallwinUMC:  This is the more secure network.  It is intended primarily for use by Linda, Ken, Bob, and Martin.  About the only time anyone else is likely to need to access this network is to cast a smartphone to the Google Home device that is connected to the television monitor in Duff Hall.  If you wish to do this, contact Martin at least two days before the need arises.  For security reasons, we are not giving this password out.   Martin will need to configure your WiFi connection for you.  This MUST be done at least a full day before you are scheduled to cast from your smartphone to the television monitor.
  • SalemBallwinUMC-Guest_EXT:  This is for WiFi connectivity in the sanctuary.  The password is the same as for SalemBallwinUMC-Guest.  It’s a fairly slow connection in the sanctuary.

Salem in Ballwin UMC offers traditional Methodist worship and fellowship in a church that is large enough to serve and small enough to care.